523rd Honor Escort & Ceremonial Group


 The 523rd Honor Escort and Ceremonial Group traced its roots from the then 730th Civil Security Group of 710th SPOW stationed at Col Jesus Villamor Air Base, Pasay City. It was on 01 February 2004 that the 730th CSG was de-activated and subsequently returned back to 520th Air Base Wing to assume the 523rd Base Ceremonial Group under the leadership of LTC ROBERTO C YABUT PAF (GSC) with seventy (70) personnel performing the ceremonial and crowd control functions within CJVAB complex. Slowly the unit began to evolve and establish itself being part of the series of activities on base and off base.

            Series of transitions transpired incorporating certain changes and modifications to 523rd BCG then on 01 June 2006 MAJOR MAMERTO A BENGAÑO PAF’s tenure of Office saw the transformation of the group to 523rd Honor Escort Group carrying a much bigger role in the control and take-over during the MANILA PENINSULA HOTEL SEIGE instigated by members of MAGDALO Group and disturbed soldiers of the Armed Forces. Through this significant accomplishment the group was awarded the “Group of the Year” besting the other qualified contenders.

            523rd Honor Escort Group continued its major contribution to the mandate of 520th Air Base Wing and of the Command with the creation of the PAF Slow Drill Team composed of selected and skilled personnel trained to execute different rifle maneuvers using the M-14 Ceremonial rifle and composing the PAF Band Drillers which is considered to be the biggest band drill in the entire Armed Forces. After a number of numerous invitations and performances by the Slow Drill Team and PAF Band Drillers the 520th Air Base Wing leadership through the proposed Activation/De-activation of units directed another makeover to rename 523rdHonor Escort Group to 523rd Honor Escort and Ceremonial Group. Presently, under the command of LTC ROLIE O FERNAN PAF its ninth skipper the group was re-invented through the addition of female soldiers as part of the PAF Gala Contingent which was displayed in the recent PAF Retirees and 66th PAF Anniversary Day at Air Force City, Pampanga that gave distinct recognition to 520th ABW.


  "To conduct Military honors and other ceremonial requirements for the Philippine Air Force.



  • Provides honor escort, firing battery and other ceremonial requirements for CJVA

  • Provides music for military and social function of the command

  • Restores and maintains order during assemblies, demos, riots and strikes

  • Conducts dispersal operations of unlawful assemblies

  • Conducts disaster relief operations in times of emergencies as required and

  • Performs other functions as maybe directed by higher headquarters 



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